Magic Round Table, Sustainability Week, Berlin HUB

Full programme from the Berlin HUB

Entrepreneurship announcement and invitation:

Sustainability Week im SelfHub Berlin, 22.-26.06

**http://labor.entrepreneurship. de/blog/2009/06/ sustainability-week-im- selfhub-berlin-22-2606/**

Outcomes of the Magic Round Table facilitated by Farah Lenser

"Magic Round Tabel is so good that I will use it next semester in my introduction lecture (Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation)."
"Genial Einfach!"
Simon Jochim, Freie Universität Berlin, Arbeitsbereich Entrepreneurship

As a facilitator and the initiator of a network-based cooperative in Germany I've come across many group moderation tools. Magic Round Table blends beautifully with many of them and moreover, it's just so simple yet brilliantly effective. I'm convinced that anyone can grasp it just within minutes regardless of their background or age. It seemed to have touched everyone in our round on a very deep level and despite the time constraint people built beautifully and meaningfully on each others inputs and questions. Thank you, Farah and Heiner!!
Wiebke Koch, Founder self cooperative (Social Entrepreneurship & Leadership Foundation), Berlin

Die Runde hat mir sehr gut gefallen, weil alle eine unheimliche Energie und Kompetenz ausgestrahlt haben.
Die Runde war unheimlich gut, weil durch diese Methode des „Magic Round Table“ alle gemeinsam zuhören und auch reden können, ohne darum kämpfen zu müssen, den eigenen Beitrag irgendwie mal eben schnell unterzubringen. Jeder kann seine Zeit und die Gelegenheit selbst wählen, um etwas zum Thema beizutragen und kann auch noch von anderen ermutigt werden, sein Anliegen zu vertiefen, wenn ein anderer das interessant findet und ihm dafür seine eigene Redezeit schenkt. Das ist viel besser als in Einzelgesprächen, wo oft jeder nur sein eigenes Süppchen kocht.
Sarah Siewert, Modedesignerin

Within the global Pioneers of Change network, I work a lot in circles and sometimes they get too long and tiring. Magic Round Table is a way to keep the conversation deep and dynamic at the same time within a pre-set time-frame.
Frauke Godat, Cultivation Team Pioneers of Change, partner self eG, Hub Berlin

The Magic Round Table is the ideal tool for bringing together different people and having a nice dialogue. Having 60 talking sticks and not just one, like in the other round dialogues I’ve taken part, is a brilliant idea. You can share and get more talking minutes so you can even adopt different roles in the dialogue.
It definitely was a vibrant and a meaningful conversation the one we had at the HUB Berlin. Thanks to Eric, Heiner and Farah for your interest and help in the 1st HUB Sustainability Week.
Iñigo Blanco, Host and Organizer 1st HUB Sustainability Week

easy things can be genious - magic round table is easy, powerfull and effective.
Nils Sautter, Trainer for Learn-Techniques and Event-Manager

The Magic Round Table enables people to share, learn and explore thoughts and ideas for mutual benefit - an effective, creative and fun way to communicate and spark new collaboration!
Julia Rawlins, Head of World Europe Programme, British Council

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